Its one of our best creation. Our pasion for the flamenco helped us to create this incredible Bata de Cola which can be used by professionals and beginners as well. Imagine your event wearing this majestic and elegant Bata de Cola.

Dress with fixed train, special fabrics like crochet lace and velvet, complete lining, 3 flounces on the skirt and 10 on the train. Inner flounces made of can-can. The length of the train from the waist is 179cm


Skirt end perimeter between 4-6 metres. Loose enough to practice any flamenco style or palo.


1.344,31 €

Fabric selection:

Choose the different fabrics and design your favorite model.

1. Fabric

Now, please choose the colour of all decorations and the flounce`s fringe.

Inner flounce

Flounce fringe


1.344,31 €

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