About us

Molina Flamenco Costumes is a leading company specializing in Flamenco costumes, Andaluz style Equestrian Wear, 'Rocio' style dresses (including the Bata de Cola), Flamenco Dance Wear, Shawls, Shoes, Specialty Items, and Flamenco Accessories.

For over 30 years Molina Flamenco Costumes has been a leader and innovator of the latest styles in Flamenco fashion.

We have our very own design team, manufacturing center, and four of our own shops in and around Seville from which we've been providing Flamenco fashions for more than 3 decades.

Our team of designers continually incorporates all the newest trends in the Flamenco fashion industry: new lines, new fabrics, new colors, accessories, and exclusive customized designs.

Our products are handmade, enhanced by state of the art textile technology which allows us to prepare special orders custom tailored to meet your needs and wishes.

In our stores and online you will find a great selection of the best products to further accessorize your Flamenco wear.

A bit of history

Molina Flamenco Costumes was founded in 1969 by Francisco Molina Gonzalez. For more than 30 years our flamenco ruffles have adorned thousands of dancers across the 5 continents.

Today, the second generation of the Molina family professionally manages a firm that oversees the factory, our 4 shops, online sales, and distributors who sell our products throughout Spain, in a multitude of European and Latin American countries, and as far away as Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Australia.

Our extensive experience has enabled us to develop patterns adapted to both the oriental and western body shapes. Our technology and superior craftsmanship allow us to meet almost any need of our clients; if you don't find what you're looking for in our product selection, contact us about our other customized design possiblilities.

Confecciones Molina, S.L. CIF B-41160995 · P.I. La Red Sur. Calle La Red Uno. 39 · 41500 Alcalá de Guadaíra (Seville)

Phone. +34 955 630 833 | info@e-molina.com | Legal Notice

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