Zorongo is a popular song and dance which is typical of Andalucian music that people perform with compás of slow Tango. Its characteristic is ternary measure. It is not exactly a style of Flamenco, however, its Andalucian style permits that the Flamenco inspires it easily. Its performance mainly consists of the group of baile and some soloists have Zorongo in his / her repertoire. 


The name comes from the sound of some instruments or noise. In old Spanish, a Moorish party with music and chatter was called Zambra. Later, another similar party of the gypsies took this name. Nowadays, the latter Zambra has lost its improvised characteristic and is represented as a baile for tourists in the famous caves of Sacromonte in Granada. It is characterized by the accompaniment of the guitar and the cante without excessive grace because of its monotonous rhythm, which demonstrate its evident folkloric root. 


Flamenco-inspired cante which comes from Argentinean folklore, fundamentally from the rural songs. It is a sad and slow cante. The theme of its lyrics is usually about love and they talk about sorrows and disappointments. 


Rural cante which comes from the Andalucian folklore. The cante of the Trillera does not have any support of the compás of the guitar and its rhythm is maintained only with the accompaniment of the high-pitched clear bells. This style is performed very little and is practically ignored by the professional cantaores. 


It is a style of cante to which neither the guitar nor other musical instruments accompany. Under the name of Toná, a series of cantes without accompaniments, which are known as "Martinetes", "Carceleras", "Deblas" and as the Tonás themselves, gather. The melodic line of all the Tonás is identical. 


It is a recent cante. Its information dates the beginning of the 20th century, at least after the Tango where the Tiento comes from. It has the same compás as Tango even though it is slower, more solemn and more complicated. It is a danceable cante with the lyrics which are normally moving, sentimental and sententious. The baile is majestic, sober and is a baile of a great dramatic harmonization with accented ritual atmosphere. 

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